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At Upshift, we are making cities better and driving positive change in the world by reinventing car ownership. To do this, we start with our own community by creating an open, inclusive, and diverse organization.

As our growth marketing manager, you will lay the foundation for hyper growth to scale our impact. Each new member who joins is helping us to reduce the number of cars on our city streets, reduce our carbon footprint, and tread just a bit lighter on this planet. You are excited to build this service because you personally know the pain of owning a car in the city and you are excited about helping alleviate it. You are passionate about using your skills to have an impact on addressing climate change and making our cities less car dependent.

We are looking to hire part time or contract (10-20 hrs/week) that can turn into full time. We do not currently have anyone supporting our marketing efforts, so you will be in charge of taking what we have done to date and building on it to create and execute the foundation of our marketing strategy.

Monthly Paid Ad Campaigns
Through paid digital ad campaigns, you’ll be able to reach untapped audiences. Your job includes:

  • Creation of ad campaigns each containing at least 2 ads each to A/B test creative and copy for optimal performance (i.e.: creative and copy consolidation)
  • Monitoring and reports so that our team can assess the performance and effectiveness of our paid social efforts
Monthly Email Sequences

  • A hidden gem, yet incredibly powerful, is our email list. One of the top ways to grow our business is to grow our email audience and through more strategic efforts, you will help our brand be positioned for growth through emails. Your job includes:
  • Creation of a lead-to-sales funnel
  • Creation of a member nurturing funnel
  • Creation of an email template for ongoing communication
  • Creation of an email template for promotions and events
Organic Social Content
Keeping up with our organic social media channels including:

  • Onboarding and maintenance of a social media management system
  • Creation of a social content strategy and calendar template
  • Creation of dedicated hashtags list
MarTech Automations Setup
The world has (and continues to) evolve with the help of technology, systems, and automations. Your job includes:

  • Ensuring seamless integrations with marketing systems (i.e.: drip campaigns)
Monthly Lead Generation Tactics

  • A marketing strategy outlines the tactics we will use to communicate your key our messages to our ideal customers. This can include our content strategy, digital marketing, campaign development, email marketing, advertising, PR, etc. Your job includes:
  • Working with our team to identify what has worked well in the past and what can work in the future
  • Research to identify market trends for grassroots marketing efforts
Monthly Marketing Performance Reports

  • You can’t improve what you can’t measure. The truth is, marketing isn’t always free and your main objective is to show us an ROI on your efforts. Your job includes:
  • Paid social ad campaign reports
  • Email marketing performance reports
  • Organic social media performance reports
Social Media Management

  • Dig deep into our brand, messaging, and voice to ensure that we always sound just like we should. We want to convey an authentic voice with integrity and make it clear how our commitment to social and environmental impact is deep, structural, and systemic.
Website Management

  • Our website is one of the most important parts of our brand. It’s the face of our business and the first thing potential clients see during their research. Your job includes:
  • Checking for any duplicate listings on the web
  • Creating an SEO plan to boost visibility of our brand
B2B sales

  • help us to identify and develop a go to market strategy for businesses who want to use our services midweek
  • execute on this strategy to get in front of and convert new business clients


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