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About Makomi
Makomi was founded out of a love for travel and hospitality. We believe everyone should be free from their cubicles to live the life they desire. We help aspiring entrepreneurs to launch and grow their own Short-Term Rental management business. We invest in our clients through education, software, and operations support.
When aspiring entrepreneurs enroll in our program, they’re first sent through an online course that covers the essential fundamentals of running a successful short-term rental business. After course completion, they often continue through a second stage (which we call the Founder-in-Residence program), which guides them through business establishment, brand development, and initial marketing. Those that complete the program are offered a Makomi Partnership for their launched business, which provides a wide range of benefits as they run and grow their business.
Culture and Values
Be a part of an exciting start-up during a period of incredible growth. We’re a small, fully remote team united by the mission of helping entrepreneurs develop, launch, and grow their own short-term rental management businesses. We inspire those we encounter to make the most of their circumstances and skills, as we provide the opportunity they might not otherwise have been given. We welcome new ideas and talent to the team and value people who are motivated to help build a great product and thrive in an environment of professional freedom and collaboration.

The Role
We are looking for a Digital Marketing All-Star; someone who's experienced and knows how to use multiple digital channels on a tight budget to fuel our growth. Our front-end growth numbers have steadily been ticking upward over the past few months, but we need some extra help to really take our growth to the next level. This role may include:
  • Creating and driving the overarching digital marketing strategy
  • Managing creation and execution of digital marketing campaigns such as Facebook/Instagram, Google, Reddit, and others
  • Execution of Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Improving SEO
If you are interested in our mission and the role, please reach out. We would love to discuss the opportunity with you!


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