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4 months
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Getro is growing fast and hiring across the board. We're looking for a part-time recruiting coordinator to work with our hiring managers to source, screen, and support us in creating an amazing candidate experience.

Role responsibilities:
  • Communicating with hiring managers to identify future job openings and the technical requirements for those jobs
  • Helping us post jobs to relevant Job Boards & media platforms
  • Screening applicants for competency with the job requirements
  • Arranging telephone, video, or in-person interviews
  • Performing background and reference checks
  • Presenting the resumes of the most suitable candidates to the hiring manager
  • Keeping track of all applicants as well as keeping applicants informed on the application process

  • A good understanding of technology and technical skills.
  • Experience in recruitment processes and platforms.
  • Good interpersonal and decision-making skills.

  • 100% remote, 100% flexible 
  • Unique culture: Humans first, unicorn dreams second 

About Getro
Getro is on a mission to become the platform of choice for making and receiving professional introductions by combining technology and empathy. 

That’s nice, what do you do, though? 

We have two products:

  • GetroJobs, which automatically aggregates open jobs across a network of companies and;
  • GetroNetwork, which allows talent (active and passive searchers) and companies to find one another, facilitating introductions and referrals within networks. 
Together our products provide all of the quality that comes from a referral vs hundreds of faceless Linkedin profiles, with a UX that is built for employers, not recruiters, and doing away with all of the emailing, calls, and reminders that usually go into a referral request.

Our customers
Our customers include over 400 independent professional networks — like venture capital funds (Union Square Ventures), accelerators (TechStars), membership communities (Women 2.0), government associations (, universities (University of Toronto), and more. They use our software to make better introductions for their community members, measure the outcomes of their intros, and in some cases, make money. 

Getro’s secret sauce
  • Strong financials: $2M+ in revenue, $4M+ in seed financing to grow 
  • 430 paying customers 
  • Experts in the space: Our co-founders have been working together in the recruiting space for the last 10 years
  • Remote-first company, from 2018 (before it was cool) 
  • 16 team members across 7 countries 
  • Techstars 2017 graduates
  • Our values are our north star; check out (a network we set up in 2020 to help people get back to work after COVID-19)
  • As a fully remote company, we don't have offices, but we do get together virtually and in person for company summits (before the pandemic: Germany, Cape Town, San Francisco...) 

How we work
We're ambitious, but realistic - we know anything worth doing takes time. We trust each member of our team to work when they wish, and from a location they choose. We believe in working smarter, not harder - we don't value presentee-ism and we're not impressed by long working hours. Above all, we value the contribution of each individual and take seriously our responsibility to enable you to work on things you love. These aren't just words - they're part of everything we do, including how we design our products.


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